Electronic Prepress Services

Printing technologies have changed dramatically with the advent of computers. Just a few years ago printers relied on mechanical typesetters and other manual technologies to produce a quality printed product. Today Graphic Supply and Equipment Co. employs dramatic advances in prepress and pressroom systems.

Graphic Supply and Equipment Co. uses a variety of high-end digital prepress equipment to scan images and combine them with desktop publishing files before processing film for printing. Images can be output to film for one color, spot colors or process color printing. Process color printing combines cyan, magenta, yellow and black film separations from which each printing plate is "burned". At the press each plate is pressed onto the paper in succession in order to acheive a full color final product.

Positive and negative transparencies as well as reflective materials (photo prints or paintings for example) can be scanned into a computer workstation. These scanned images can then be enhanced by the operator using computer masking, airbrushing or other computer tools. The images are usually then merged with desktop publishing files before being output on film as a complete document. Scanned images are sometimes placed on large capacity computer disks and returned to the customer for additional design work. The customer can usually check the final appearance of a printed product prior to film generation by asking for a digital color proof. After film is generated a "process" proof can be used to check the output of existing film before going to press.

Graphic Supply and Equipment Co. has offered electronic prepress services to commercial clients such as designers, advertising agencies and large business organizations. Our staff is very qualified to provide prepress support at any stage of the creative process. From file conversion to final film our objective is to ensure that your printing and prepress projects go smoothly and efficiently.

The following is a partial list of equipment available for prepress services:

Transparencies and flexible reflectives as large as 18" x 23" and rigid reflectives as large as 12" x 18" can be scanned. Epson inkjet proofs can be produced as large as 19" x 31" and Matchprint process film proofs can be produced as large as 20" x 24". Final film can be output as large as 18" x 44" and at line rulings as high as 200 lines.

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